Read what our clients have to say about us.

Pendle Vale College, Nelson

Steve Wilson – Headteacher

“Tim worked with us to help really kick start the whole agenda of adventure and out-of-classroom learning at Pendle Vale. His knowledge and experience have really helped our staff to consider what might be possible with young people, whilst at the same time facilitating an ongoing debate about how these experiences really add value. Tim knows what questions to ask and has a real focus on making a programme sustainable within schools – not just reliant on outside help. We were able to take 12 staff away on an excellent residential to look at the possibilities of outdoor learning and the inspiration of this weekend and the subsequent discussions has led to us running Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, in a sustainable way, in school for over 70 young people.

Tim fully understands the standards agenda that drives schools and has a genuine and focused approach to making sure that any outdoor or adventure programme enhances this. We hope to continue to work with Tim, and his network of other outdoor professionals, to continue our journey for time to come”

Home and Hospital Service, Blackpool

Lesley Slack, Manager

“The opportunity to have such expert support to develop the programme has resulted in some of our most anxious students overcoming challenges and having experiences that they would never have dreamed of. To witness personal development and the associated increase in confidence of the students, as it happens in the ‘field’, is one of the greatest joys of working as a teacher. This can only serve to increase their ability to overcome the personal anxieties that many have in their own lives.”

Blackpool Youth Service

Mike Jessett, Outdoor Education Manager

“Tim has …the skills to transfer the theory and opportunities provided by outdoor experience into real learning for his students. In particular, this has been achieved with groups and individuals over an extended period, where the long term benefits can be tracked and recorded.”

Highfield School

Paul Turner, Targeted Youth Support Worker

“I feel that I have learnt a great deal from Tim in terms of the sense of calmness he brought to the group, his sense of fun and adventure, and his understanding of the level of discipline needed for that particular group without losing any of the young people’s respect. For me, Tim’s experience in working with groups was invaluable and I witnessed huge amounts of good practice that I have and will continue to incorporate into my work.
I hope that I will be able to work with him again and achieve the level of success we had on the residential.”

Palatine Community Sports College

Mrs D Cleary, Head of Year 11 Achievement

“The benefits of taking pupils out of their everyday, urban surroundings to Glencoul, were absolutely invaluable. I saw our pupils shine.

The experiences gained have, without a doubt, developed them into more independent and motivated young people.”

Tower Wood Outdoor Education Centre

Andy Murphy, Head

“It is wonderful to see Tim and his team giving individuals the opportunities to take charge of their own lives, making the right decisions and encouraging teamwork, co-operation and cheerfulness in challenging circumstances. There have been some remarkable performances by young people on this trip and I am sure that it will be seen by most as one of the defining moments of their school careers.”

Blackpool Youth Service

Rachel Day, Targeted Youth Support Worker

“It’s the first time I have worked with Tim and I really enjoyed working with him. I found him very hard working and consistent.

The young people at times were really challenging to work with; together we worked through the difficulties we were faced with, agreeing how to handle each matter as a team. Tim introduced a reviewing technique where we all rated each other after every activity session, job or bedtime and sleep – it became like a reward chart – this is definitely something I will do in future.

The young people who went on this trip are now desperate to go on another one: when I explore this with them they say that they felt happy there and felt like part of a family where their views were not only listened to but respected.

Tim was very flexible in his approach with the staff and the young people – he is an excellent role model, his outlook and temperament are second to none.”

Orley Farm Preparatory School, Harrow, London

Tim Calvey, Headmaster

“…thank you so much for last Wednesday, it was fantastic from so many angles. I can honestly say that I have not seen a day of staff training yield so much change. Every day I have seen classes in the grounds with staff who would not have done so before.”

Westfield Community School

Sarah Walton, Foundation Subject Manager

“…an exceptional start to our academic year… perfectly tailored to meet our school needs….incredibly well presented and successful day. Since then, all teaching staff have been out and led sessions with groups or whole classes, whilst being able to confidently assess and manage any risks.”

Tower Wood Outdoor Education Centre

Andy Murphy, Head

“…a few thoughts about the trip, the staff, and the benefits clearly experienced by the young people of Blackpool.

The whole expedition went off exactly according to plan…as you know expeditions in such remote areas always demand that staff exercise higher than normal standards of care and throughout our time on the island, because of the team’s honest, well motivated and caring approach to professional matters, it was a delight to be able to relax in the knowledge that all angles were covered.

…the week in Jura was on another level altogether. The immediacy of ‘non contrived problem solving’, the ongoing need to stay dry, the necessity of working together as a team and need to understand that the actions of the one have consequences for the many, meant that the experience was both inescapable and very real.

…at no point, at any stage, did I get the impression that the staff were anything other than completely selfless – (quite an achievement for a 144 hour week!) and you should be very proud. I can honestly say that what the team offer is second to none – and that is a function of who they are and how they are…

At one point on Monday evening as we neared the top of Beinn an Oir and the Western Isles stretched before us, I thought of that old phrase about being in the right place at the right time with the right people and the right equipment etc…


Year 3 Class Teacher

“Teaching the Stone Age to my Year 3 class was a daunting thought. However, my worries were soon quashed and the topic “came to life” with a fantastic Stone Age day led by Tim Deighton. Tim’s enthusiastic and calm approach was very child-centred, always keeping the children safe, but challenging them at the same time. Tim organised various activities that allowed the children to experience first-hand the hardships of survival for Stone Age people. The children had opportunities to be gatherers of food and fire-making materials, as well as creating stone artwork. They made their own fires and sampled food cooked on an open fire. Taking the classroom outside in the local environment all day was truly special and inspirational. The children in Year 3 have fond memories of their Stone Age day that will last forever.”

Faculty of Education and Theology, York St John University

Jan Spencer, FHEA, Senior Lecturer in Education

“I am a Senior Lecturer in Education here at York St John University and Module Director for ‘Children Learning outside the Classroom’.
Tim has regularly provided off site visit leader training for groups of both our undergraduate and post graduate student teachers over a period of about four years. These training events have been well organised, well delivered and have contained relevant and valuable information that has been appropriate to the content and focus of our teacher training programmes. The students involved have consistently commented on the value to them and on the longer term impact on both their knowledge and understanding of this element of their training.

Tim is knowledgeable and highly experienced and is able to share his knowledge and skills very effectively. I enjoy working with him and value the contribution he has made to the programme, receiving consistently positive feedback from the students.

I have no hesitation in recommending him as highly effective practitioner in his field.”

“Tim’s work organising and delivering expeditions has provided life changing experiences for our students (and staff!)”

Graham Little, Head of Outdoor Education
Palatine Community Sports College

“No-one does anything as adventurous as this but it is amongst the most safely organised – this really does set the benchmark for real outdoor education.”

Andy Murphy, Head
Tower Wood Outdoor Education Centre

“The standards expected are high and from the evidence gained through discussion the group are achieving these very well indeed.”

Bal Gill, Operations Manager
Blackpool Youth Service

“This is just a brief note to underline how good we all thought the two sessions were with the pupils. They really did enjoy them and Mike, Mark and I did too! It was an extremely worthwhile activity and it has genuinely enriched the pupils’ year on D of E expeditions training. ”

Paul Sweeting
Sedbergh School

“Yes I would recommend this training – it was so refreshing to do something different on our training day.”

Jacqui Young
St Stephen’s Primary School, Blackburn

“Engaging, interesting and ideas we can take away – I remember more of today than the majority of ‘sit down’ courses and that just reinforces the whole point. I highly recommend this to others. I would definitely recommend the training as it is inspiring, kinaesthetic and makes you feel good – just think how it would make pupils!”

Class Teachers
Highfield Primary School, Manchester